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Lake Havasu, Arizona is a city in Mohave County. It has a population roughly around 56,000 living in an approximate area of 43 square miles. Historically, the annual fatal accident count in Lake Havasu is lower than throughout the rest of the state. The city can be accessed by automobile using State Route 95. Public transportation is provided by Havasu Area Transit (HAT).

Lake Havasu's climate is classified as a desert region so it typically sees many more dry days than wet. The area does experience its fair share of flash floods during the rainier months. This can inundate low-lying areas and sometimes create sinkholes. Further still, because it so seldom rains, roads accumulate oil and tar, which can create very slippery conditions when they are wet. Other weather-related problems are occasional dusty conditions, which can create low visibility and scratch a car's windshield and finish.