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Laguna, California is a city in Sacramento County. It has a population roughly around 38,000 living in an approximate area of 7 square miles. Historically, the annual fatal accident count in Laguna is lower than throughout the rest of the state. The city can be accessed by automobile using State Route 99 (South Sacramento Freeway), Interstate 5 (West Side Freeway) and is bordered to the north by Laguna Boulevard and to the south by Elk Grove Boulevard. Public transportation is provided by Sacramento Regional Transit (RT).

Laguna's climate is classified as Mediterranean which is characterized by cool, dry summers and mild, moderately dry winters. The temperature rarely falls below freezing and precipitation occurs most commonly in the winter months. Temperatures can vary drastically between night and day. The area's most destructive environmental hazard is earthquakes, which occur frequently due to its proximity to several significant fault lines.